Keynote Speakers

Julie Bindel

p011gt62 (2) Julie Bindel is a freelance journalist who writes for The Guardian on a regular basis, she has also written for the New Statesman, Standpoint magazine, the Spectator and the Sunday telegraph.  Julie is a political activist and she is a founder of Justice for Women (JFW), JFW founded in 1990 is a group which opposes violence against women; they offer advice on welfare, they campaign on issues such as domestic violence, abused women who kill violent partners, immigration rights and the dangers women face with the rise of religious fundamentalism.  Julie is also the co-editor of Gaze: A modern review.

Julie has a vast wealth of knowledge about domestic abuse, and issues relating to the topic and will be a fantastic keynote speaker for the conference day.  The title for the talk presented by Julie is: “How does the media representation of women and girls contribute to a climate in which sexism is rife and feminism misrepresented? And how do we challenge it to empower the next generation of women and change men’s beliefs and behaviour?’

 Amanda Farquhar

springlodgeAmanda Farquar offers support for rape or sexual assault victims through the Lincoln Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre Spring Lodge also known as Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARC). This centre covers the whole county and was developed in 2011, to provide a dedicated and comprehensive service for men and women who have/are suffering from being raped or sexually assaulted.